World Mountain Running Championships 2015


World Mountain Running Championships 2015The mountain running championship is scheduled for September 12-20 in 2015. It was previously held in 2011 as the Commonwealth Mountain and Ultra Running Championships in Wales and in 2013 as World Trail

Running Championship in UK

It is a week-long festival which links all the world best mountain runners in a single competition. The festival will be hosted in Wales with runners based at Llandudno while the races will be hosted in Betwsy Coed.

What Does the World Mountain Championship Imply?

World Mountain Running Championships 2015The festival includes running over the mountains for a whole week. Many mountain runners from all corners of the world are encouraged to attend the championship as long as they are qualified. Thus, the race preparations for the festival are underway.

Many leaders and sports authorities in Wales and Britain in large are pleased with the event being held in UK and in particular in Wales. It will draw a lot of mountain running fans into the country. At the same time, it will make the nation popular as one of the main hosts for this festival.

Athletes in the Festival

Just like any other festivals in the world, Mountain Running Championship has a couple of major athletes who will be attending to showcase their performance. Some of these athletes will be aiming at retaining the medals from the previous festivals while others will be attempting to secure their first major trophy. As a result of this participation, the athletes will make the festival more popular in the world. The most famous athletes include:

Most of these athletes are already excited to be involved in this festival for more than once. Some athletes who come from the Great Britain are also elated to exist in a festival amidst their family locations.

What Makes Wales Suitable for the Festival?

World Mountain Running Championships 2015There are countless fans of the Mountain Running Championship in Wales. This was noted in the previous festival in 2013 in the same country. Therefore, there will be more to expect from fans in Wales. They will make the event to become immensely enjoyable.

Additionally, the topography and the suitability of Wales for hosting participants and fans support this festival. First, Wales has several regions which are mountainous. The terrains in Betws have been deemed as perfect for hosting this event. These places are reserved for the purpose of this event.

Secondly, the outlook and the results of the festival in 2013 portrayed Wales as a perfect place for such an event. Secondly, Wales has a welcoming culture to visitors from different places in the world. At Llandudno, the athletes and the fans will find a safe and welcoming accommodation during the event’s duration.


Mountain Running Championship is a developing festival which is yet to enjoy massive success. However, the festival has grown popular in Britain, Europe, and even in other parts of the world. It is a perfect platform for mountain runners to explore and showcase their talent. This will be important for them to earn a living. At the same time, the festival will produce fun and entertainment for the fans who enjoy watching the adventurous mountain running races.