Top 10 Causes of Plantar Fasciitis


Top 10 Causes of Plantar FasciitisPlantar fasciitis has affected many people and especially runners. At times, the condition might take a prolonged time to heal or to correct. This might affect one’s daily activities and involvements.

There are numerous causes of plantar fasciitis. By knowing the causes of this condition, you will be able to avoid contracting it. Thus, you will not face the wrath of healing and correcting plantar fasciitis. The following are some of the causes of plantar fasciitis:

1) Walking or Running for Long Distance

This is associated with long distance walking or running. It can occur as a result of too much sport activities, running, walking, or hiking for a long time. This results to constant pressure on your arch and your heel which causes severe irritation. It also causes poor positioning of your plantar fascia making you to easily contract plantar fasciitis.

2) Use of Unsupportive Footwear

Top 10 Causes of Plantar FasciitisMost of the shoes which people prefer for fashion are not health conscious. The floppy shoes, high heels, sandals, and moccasins among other shoes predispose the arch and heel to direct knocks and constant pressure as you walk or run. Thus, contracting plantar fasciitis becomes likely. Runners who prefer using sandals or some leather shoes for running may end up contracting this condition.

3) Sudden Weight Gain

While walking or running, the weight of the body is exerted on the legs and especially the feet. Sudden weight gain can cause plantar fasciitis. This might be as a result of change in diet or lifestyle.

4) Walking or running on Uneven Ground

Walking or running on rocky or hilly places or areas with trenches and rills may predispose you to contract this condition.

5) Age Increase

Weight increase changes the structure of plantar fasciitis and the foot ligaments. This may make result to a lot of pressure while walking or running.

6) Walking or Running Barefoot

Top 10 Causes of Plantar FasciitisWalking or running on surfaces such as tiled floors or rocky areas may increase your chances of getting plantar fasciitis.

7) Over-pronation

This condition is associated with flat feet and lowly positioned arch. As a result of this condition, walking or running leads to increased pressure on the feet. This leads to feet swelling and irritation causing plantar fasciitis.

8) Improper Stretching or Warming up

This affects players and especially runners. Poor training in the dimensions of stretching or warming up may lead to poor foot development. Eventual participation in games may lead to intensive use of your feet. Thus, you might cause plantar fasciitis.

9) Pregnancy

When one is pregnant, there are higher chances that she can contract plantar fasciitis. This is as a result of body weight increase causing increased pressure on feet. At the same time, some people become inactive during this period, thus increasing the risk.

10) Standing for Long Hours

This condition is also referred to as over use. It leads to the weight of the body being exerted on the feet for a long time. This causes plantar fasciitis condition.


Our normal activities and involvements may increase the risk of contracting plantar fasciitis. Too much usage of the feet without supportive footwear is the main cause of plantar fasciitis especially for runners. However, having the knowledge on the causes of plantar fasciitis may help you in preventing them and reducing your risk to contracting it.