6 Key Rules for Eating Right as a Runner


6 Key Rules for Eating Right as a RunnerThe diet of a runner should be different from that of other people. This is because they have to maintain a healthy body in order to record top performance in the field. At the same time, proper diet is health efficient for long time outstanding running performance.

However, in order to enhance proper diet, there are a couple of rules that runners should follow up about their diet. These rules instructs on the nutrients that runners should eat in bulk and others which they should not consider eating heavily. They also warn on some of the commonly used food nutrients which are not health efficient. These rules include:

1) Get the Balance Right

6 Key Rules for Eating Right as a RunnerOne of the main challenges that face many runners is achieving a balance diet while eating. Many runners tend to focus much on training and practice as they overlook on healthy eating. Food nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and unsaturated fats should make up your meals in order to provide the required energy. You should consider taking these nutrients in 55%, 25%, and 15% respectively. You should be sure to include these nutrients in all your meals.

2) Consider going to Training or at the Gym Empty

A full stomach may limit your performance in the training. This is not advisable if you are looking to be a top performer. Therefore, you should consider going to training or at the gym with your stomach empty. At the end of training, you should then proceed to take your meals.

3) Make Your Eating Simple

Some people feel that they need to buy expensive and even unavailable foods in order to balance their diet. However, you should consider the available food sources for your meals. At the same time, you should consider cheap food sources for your meals. For instance, you may prefer beans for protein rather than groundnuts or meat which are a bit more expensive.

4) Take More Fluids

6 Key Rules for Eating Right as a RunnerFluids are important in the body for many different purposes. As a runner, you will be exposed to series of high body temperatures during training and also during the real performance in the field. In this light, you will need water and fluids to help you regulate the body temperature.
Also, you will be on the verge of losing lots of water through sweat. Thus, fluids are important in controlling this water loss. Additionally, fluids are essential in aiding in psychological functions in transportation of food nutrients and waste products to and for the body cells.

5) Focus on Unprocessed Foods for Your Meals

The total energy stored in unprocessed foods is higher than in the processed foods. Thus, unprocessed food is more health efficient. These include grains, fish, fruits, and vegetables. This will enhance you to supply your body with all the required nutrients in whole.

6) Mix Meals Up

However, do not eat the same type of meals. Thus, you should rely on different food types in your search for the same nutrients. You may prefer different types of vegetables, fruits, protein sources, or even carbohydrates sources. This will prevent food boredom while it keeps nutrients level on the par.


Proper nutrition is key to success in sports and especially running. It keeps your body free from chronic diseases, obesity, and also fatigue. Through the easily gotten and locally available foods, you can be able to maintain a healthy diet without necessarily spending too much.